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AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit Large & Voluptuous
AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit Large & VoluptuousAbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit Large & VoluptuousAbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit Large & Voluptuous

AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit Large & Voluptuous

By: AbdoMend

AbdoMend C-Section Recovery Kit, #1 Choice By Mums For C-section Recovery!
Our multi-award winning C-Section Recovery Kit, provides a safe and healthy approach to pain relief, discomfort,
mobility and muscle recovery.

Wear our Support Binder ASAP after surgery, in-fact don't get out of bed for the first time without it.

Our C-Section Recovery Kit, includes our unique Support Binder and Strap, Scar Therapy Massage & Relaxation
DVD and Skin Brush.

Wearing the Support Binder and following the simple scar therapy techniques allows you to experience the optimum
recovery in both body and mind to feel supported, confident and relaxed as you care and enjoy your new baby.

Wear your Abdomend Binder:

1. Post C-Section Delivery - Support your incision from tearing and infection, reduce your pain and increase quicker mobility and recovery. With the added bonus of reducing bloating, shrinking the uterus and binding those
abdominal muscles.

Using the Scar Massage and Meditation techniques allows for a healthier flatter scar and a wonderful way to relax as you recover and get to know your new baby.

Abdomend C-Section Recovery Kit Includes:
-Abdomend Support Binder and Strap
-Skin Brush for Healing and Scar Care
-C-Section Massage and Meditation DVD

Benefits Post C-Section Delivery:
-Protect your incision from tearing and infection
-Reduce pain medication and accelerate healing
-Reduce after surgery bloating or shrink uterus
-Support abdomen when sneezing, coughing etc
-Approve mobility and daily tasks by being supported
-Move with comfort and greatly improve mobility
-Support lower back and internal organs
-Create a healthier and flatter scar
-Be supported and comfortable for nursing
-Gain confidence as you recover quicker
-Soft, comfortable, washable and affordable support


L: 12-16
VOL: 18-20
#1 Choice By Moms For C-Section Recovery

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